Dr. Pillai Shares How These Ancient Teachings Increase the
Power of Your Brain to Achieve at the Speed of Light!


Things Changed The Very First Day!

It's difficult to imagine that so much can change in just one day or to be more precise in as little as an hour. Since beginning the program on May 4th I’ve felt an incredible sense of clarity around all I do. I feel recharged, invigorated with life, childlike again, even though I'm now in my forties. Deadlines with work and the stresses usually associated with them simply don't exist, everything is effortless and no matter how much or how little time I think I have it's always enough! I can only imagine how much my life will have transformed by the end of the program for I already feel so much has changed and it's only been a few days!
~ Pete Craig, UK


“This Program was Explosive for me, Enhancing
Every Aspect of my Material and Spiritual Life at Light Speed!”


Since joining the program my life has been greatly enhanced and continues to grow every day at the light speed. Aches and pains in my body have disappeared, relationships have become stronger and my businesses are moving forward in amazing ways!

I feel totally blessed to have joined the program.”   ~ Saj P., Online Entrepreneur, UK

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Specialized Teachings with the Master

  • LIVE Regular Meditations with Dr. Pillai
  • LIVE Initiations via Phone or Webcast during Power Windows of Time
  • Exclusive Membership Website for Easy Access to Audio, Videos, and Support
  • Daily Practice Guides by Dr. Pillai to Eliminate Guess Work



Connect with Like-Minded People on the Light Body Path

  • LIVE Weekly Practice Calls to Support Techniques Learnt
  • Global Community Sharing on Website and Calls


Spiritual Technology

Powerful Ancient Rituals to Cleanse Your Karma and Heal Your Soul

  • Proxy Soul Healing Techniques at Vortices in India
  • Special Light Body Remedies
  • Personalized, Uniquely Designed Yantra
  • DAILY Karma Removal Rituals
  • Fire Labs to Bring Shortcuts to Success


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