What Is A Light Body?

A Light Body is the Highest Form of Evolution

Light is the source of life. Light is God. Light is Divine. Your soul itself is light.
YOU are Light!

Listen to the short audio clip of Dr.Pillai when asked  "What is a Light Body?" (scroll down for text transcription)

What are the limitations of your dense flesh and blood body?

With the density of the matter of flesh and blood comes the limitations of disease, aging and dying. Currently we only experience life through the 5 senses. There is life beyond what we cannot see, hear, touch, taste and smell.

But you are more than your body; Einstein confirmed this when he stated ‘Matter is only stopped light’. Dr. Pillai teaches us that the ultimate goal in life, or your reason for being, is to move from dense matter to light energy. That is the Light Body.

Basically, attaining the Light Body means returning to your source; the source of life and power.

Why is this the Ultimate Goal?

The Light Body is the only answer to suffering. We not only heal ourselves by attaining the light but can heal others and heal the world. The more people that have a Light Body, or more light in their body, then the less suffering there is in the world. There will be no need for hunger, poverty, fighting, disease, dying, the decay of the body, negative thoughts like jealousy, anger, frustration, greed, sadness, depression...Our lives will be full of joy, harmony, ease, and even bliss everyday in every way.

What does having a Light Body look like?

You do not need to disappear or become like a ghost. You will be embraced by healing light and exude a healing light. This light can heal you, your family, your community and the world. By being light you can accomplish your goals faster and perfectly. Your family will not be left behind but be positively affected by the transformation.

Are you eligible for the light body?

Does this resonate with you at all? If yes, then yes, you are eligible. Those whose souls are ready will feel it rings a bell in their heart. It's a matter of your souls' preparedness that decides if it is time for you to get the Light Body. The Light Body is the only answer for all your suffering.

How long will it take to get the Light Body?

Paul, in the Christian bible says “in the wink of an eye”. Even though he himself didn’t attain the light body, he knew of this and witnessed it.
Your Light Body is a gift given to you from the Divine. All that you can do is prepare to receive it. The Siddhas have systematically outlined step-by-step techniques to achieve the light body. Dr. Pillai is a Siddha Master from a long lineage in South India.

When is the right time to get the Light Body?

Now. Astrologically, the Earth is aligned to the Heavens. The Sun is in Pisces. The Pleiades, Earth and the Sun in alignment results in dramatic transformation in the psyche and in the physical body. You cannot postpone your evolution. Your evolution is returning to energy from your dense matter.

Dr. Pillai's Light Body Program Message

“I wanted it to be a live program so that I could do whatever the Divine wants me to do rather than something that was set and done; But rather be in a moment and give you the most relevant, the most useful, the most important teaching.

I am going to be meditating with you. It is all going to be live. No syllabus except one syllabus and that is to be in a moment and to realize that we are already the Light Body and that we are fighting with the illusions. Then one day, as we may meditate together, we will be transformed. In the wink of an eye, the body will turn into light and that is the ultimate evolution.

I will prepare you to a level where you will be able to conquer your senses, conquer your appetite, conquer your sense of enjoyments, conquer your ignorance, conquer your ego and then be ready but still you will be hanging on to the ego self, the mind and the distractions. But then you are ready through the practices and at that time the divine will, in the wink of an eye, will turn the body into light.”


Text Transcription of Dr. Pillai Audio "What is a Light Body/"

Light Body is an energy body made out of light particles. We have now a physical body made out of flesh and blood. We need to transform this flesh and blood body to Light Body which is made out of light particles. This follows the Einstein discovery that energy and matter can be transferred to either of the states meaning that energy can become matter and matter can become energy.

It is not quite the astral body and there is another body which is called the causal body. A causal body doesn’t have any form, even it is beyond the light body, it is just a body of intension, causes, that is causal body.

The astral body is something that everybody has, which will be sustained after death,  even after death. Even after death the astral body remains there. That is not the Light Body. The Light Body is more advanced body in which you change your flesh and blood body into particles of light which goes beyond even the astral body.

Ramalingam* talked about three different bodies:

  1. One is a pure body, which is the Light Body. It has no element, no blemishes, it is pure. It has more ignorance and that is pure body called the Suddha Deha which means the Light Body. That is the first transformation.
  2. The second transformation is the Om body. It will vibrate with the sound OM and that could still be a Light Body, but a higher body than the pure body.
  3. The third transformation , the ultimate transformation,  is into the causal body, intention body that is also a Light Body of a higher kind.

These are three bodies that he said are the transformations that he went through.

*Swami Ramalingam was a Siddha Saint, from Tamil Nadu India, whose Light Body transformation in 1874 is well documented.


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~Josephine Magnani
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London, England

"... Being in the program gave me the greatest education on my path to evolution. I am so thankful to Dr.Pillai for all the amazing transformative initiations...so rare...so powerful...Thank you. I owe it to him and the entire Light Body Program Support Team." Read More

~Sunny Dasgupta,
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“Where to Begin, and how to start... Several times I just got stuck at this sentence, because there are no words to describe what I am and have been experiencing ever since I have joined the LBP1... so this is just an attempt to put in words my experiences, feelings, joy, etc. basically the Bliss I have been blessed with...” Read More

Light Body Program #1

Are not gross bodies and light convertible into one another; and may not bodies receive much of their activity from the particles of light which enter into their composition? The changing of bodies into light, and light into bodies, is very conformable to the course of Nature, which seems delighted with transmutations.
~ Isaac Newton

"Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter."
~ Albert Einstein